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Welcome to the Malaysian Kennel Association's official website DOGSMALAYSIA. Our aim is for this webportal in time to become 'THE' webportal for all issues canine in Malaysia! We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

Some of the sections of this webportal are still a work in progress, so please bear with us as we complete everything. In due course MKA members will be able to use our online services and make their dealings with the MKA seamless and easier! This is what you've been asking for and this is what we plan to give you! Don't forget to spread the word and let everyone know about DOGSMALAYSIA.COM - THE BEST SITE FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND!


The Malaysian Kennel Association, popularly known as MKA, was inaugurated in 1925 and registered with the Registrar of Companies. Apart from the principal and historical objectives of being the exclusive registrar of pure bred dogs in the country, promote the breeding and exhibiting of pure bred dogs and formulation of dog show rules, MKA is evolving to be a 'total' dog club for all dogs lovers.

Founded by a group of expatriates, the Mission Statement of the MKA are but not restricted to the following:-

  • To be the official national registrar of purebred dog in Malaysia.
  • To promote, regulate and certification of purebred dogs in Malaysia.
  • To advocate professional breeding that aims to heighten quality and standard of purebred dogs in the country.
  • To formulate rules and promote dog shows and all dog related sports and activities.
  • To promote and educate responsible dog ownership among members and public.
  • To frame and enforce the Rules, and Constitution of the Association.

Vision Mission

MKA further aspires to be the most effective representative body in the country to protect the rights of owners and dogs. MKA is also determined to eradicate the fraudulent use of pedigree and safeguard the pureness of the genetic pool.

The MKA is the only Dog Club in Malaysia to be affiliated and have reciprocal agreements with the following international leading Canine bodies.

FCI  FCI APAC  American Kennel Club  The Kennel Club